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The process of applying for university is done on line through a system called UCAS Apply. UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Services) is an organisation which sorts all the applications going through it and sends the details to the relevant universities. Later in the process, it is possible to logon to the UCAS website and track the current status of your application. Submitting an application through UCAS apply costs £23. This allows to you apply for up to five courses. ( if you apply for only one course, the application fee is £12).

To use UCAS Apply, you must first register with them.

Logon to UCAS Apply and click on Register : Log in to use Apply 2015.

Completing the registration process - Things to look out for.

Note that some fields in the registration process are marked with an *. This indicates a required field which you must complete before you can move to the next page.

You will have the opportunity to register your contact details, home telephone number, mobile telephone number and email address. You can select the prefered method of being contacted by UCAS by clicking in the appropriate box.

To access your own application in future, you need to have a password and username. The system will generate and a username for you but you can create your own password. The password must be between 6 and 14 characters and must contain at least one upper case, one lower case letter and one number. You will now be required to answer four security questions from the drop down menus. Answers to these questions will help you retrieve your login if you lose it.

Make a secure note of this password and username and do not lose it. The school has no record of your username and password. If you make three incorrect attempts at loging in, your access will be locked. To unlock it, you will need to contact UCAS or leave it for 24 hours after which it will automatically unlock.

To confirm that you are applying through Linlithgow Academy, you will be required to enter the school's buzzword. Our buzzword is December.

When asked which Tutor Group group you are in, select your Pupil Support teacher from the menu.

UCAS timing out.

The UCAS website may timeout if you have been on it for some time in school. This can not only be frustrating as you will have to log back in again but you can also lose unsaved data. You can prevent the UCAS site timing out on you by having a second site running in the background which is constantly refreshing itself.

Try :

1. Opening Internet Explorer and typing in the web address

2. Enter a website that will run in the background and constantly refresh, for example

3. Enter the time in seconds in the field 'Time (?):'. Anything between 30-60 seconds will work.

4.Click on the button 'Go!'

This page will now redirect itself to the BBC website. Leave that to run in the background and now open the UCAS website. You should now be able to work at your own pace, without the fear of it timing out.